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Because in some cases there were few large scale architectural drawings from which to construct accurate models, an Advisory Panel was formed as part of an overall methodology to ensure the work done was as accurate as possible. Each model was reviewed in turn, sometimes repeatedly over many weeks, until the Panel considered the building to be representative of the original. The Panel was made up of the following persons.

Andy McMillan, Emeritus Professor of the Mackintosh School of Architecture. McMillian served his architectural apprenticeship in the 1940s under Gillespie Kidd & Coia who worked on the Exhibition.

David Leslie, Architect and Chairman of the House for an Art Lover, Glasgow.

James Cosgrove, Designer and formerly Deputy Director of the Glasgow School of Art.

Neil Baxter, Architectural Commentator and Historian.

Only when this panel approved the models were they accepted as representing the best that can be achieved using the materials available in conjunction with the judgements of the Panel.


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