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The 3D visualisation of the Empire Exhibition was created by a team of experienced 3D modellers working at the Digital Design Studio. The modellers worked from dozens of small-scale drawings, hundreds of photographs and many maps to recreate the 3D virtual Empire Exhibition. The main software package used was 3D Studio Max. The work required the construction of all the major buildings that comprised the Exhibition as well as a reconstruction of the topology of Bellahouston Pak including roads, pathways and vegetation. Each model was reviewed by a panel of ‘experts’ (see following section The Advisory Panel) to ensure that models were as accurate as possible.

The work took a team of, at it's largest, five modellers about six months to complete.

Once the 3D models had been completed and placed within the model of the park, a series of animations were set up. Some of these animations together with the individual 3D building models can be seen in this section under Interactive Map.